Anthropologie Inspired Ruffled Bedspread to Die For!

Have you been looking for a feminine look in your bedroom?  The graceful and soft bedspread featured here fits the bill and you can make it yourself!  I love Anthropologie, but to find out how much money I could save by making this bedspread thrilled me to no end!

The lady who made the spread shown in the photo was inspired by the shower curtain she saw in Anthropologie that was made like this.  She made hers out of vintage sheets she found at a thrift store!  You can make this in white or with some of your favorite fabrics.  This is the sweetest looking bedspread for a little girl’s room…or for a BIG girl’s room! I love it with a white rod iron bed and some antique pieces.  You can use white furniture or mix it up!  This is a focal point so it doesn’t matter what kind of furniture you have.

My granddaughter has a pink rod iron bed and I made one of these for her room.  She simple adores it and feels so excited about the new look in her room!

Watch how Sarah Beth makes this lovely spread in her step by step tutorial and you get started on making one of these for your home!

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