April Fools Day!

Happy April! Any pranks at your house today? My kids don’t have school today — it’s the last day of Spring Break — and ended up sleeping over at their cousins’ house last night. So most of the pranking happened there. (Which is fine by me — I think I’m a little too worn out for pranks at the moment.)

The best prank the kids pulled off was taping a lego man in front of the rear-facing camera of their uncle’s car — so that is was the first thing he saw when backing out. My brother said he had a total moment of freak-out when he saw the face filling the rearview screen. Hah!

The most memorable idea I saw online was these creepy creatures created by Jodi Levine of Super Make it for a special kids issue of New York Times Magazine (on newsstands now). The bugs are made from dried fruit!

How about you? Any frozen cereal bowls at your house? Taking all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms? Saran-Wrap on the toilet seat? I’d love to hear.

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