Baseball Season Is Here And Every Fan Needs To Add This To Their Game Day Gear!

This is a brilliant idea for all us baseball fans out there! With the World Series going on, this is perfect for those big get togethers to watch the game!

It’s baseball season for the little guys too, and my eldest grandson is so excited. I really wanted to do something special for him this year to show him my excitement and support.

Having more than one grandchild means you have to find special ways to remind them they matter, something that  particularly speaks to them. These bracelets were my way of letting them know that I’m their number one fan and biggest supporter!

I was so surprised to learn that you can make a leather bracelet out of a baseball. This bracelet is super cute and easy to make. In fact, you can make TWO bracelets from one baseball. One for you and one for your fellow baseball mom, grandmother or sibling.

You definitely want to use a real leather baseball. I don’t think the synthetic baseballs will be as comfortable or straighten out like the leather does.

These also make the greatest gifts to give to that baseball fanatic in your life!

Watch how this lady, with Show Me Cute, makes this cool baseball bracelet in her step by step tutorial and go get yourself a baseball and get started!

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