Beautiful Glass Stones Lighted Bottle…Easy & Awesome Nightlight!

Are you looking for a unique night light for your home?  This one is extraordinary!  It’s easy and inexpensive to make too!  I just love the way this bottle looks when the lights are on.  The lights and the glass stones create a prism effect that is so calming and beautiful.  These can also be used outside on your patio, creating a wonderful ambience.  You could make several of them to set around outside…how fabulous would that be?  There are so many things these could be used for…parties, weddings, a bathroom, kitchen, you name it!  These are better than any nightlight I’ve ever had, with the prisms of light seeping through the spaces around the stones.

In the tutorial she uses an old creme soda bottle, but you can use a wine bottle or one of those pretty bottles water comes in these days.  She glues the stones on the bottle, but doesn’t say what kind of glue she uses.  From experience in trying to make stones stay on glass, I would use clear E-6000.  I’ve tried several types of glue in another project and that turned out to work the best.  Once she has all the stones glued on the bottle and the glue is dry, she gradually feeds a strand of battery operated lights into the bottle.  You can use the regular small white Christmas lights if you prefer.  She taped the cord onto the side of the bottle to keep it in place.

Watch her step by step tutorial so you can make your beautiful night light!



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