Beautiful Henna Mason Jar Lantern Adds So Much Charm To A Room or Patio!

Give a mason jar an awesome second life and turn it into a suspended henna lantern! The process is relatively easy, depending on your choice of design. What is great is that the henna paint doesn’t dry too quickly so if you mess up, just wipe it out and restart where you left off.


This unique lantern takes the mason jar to a whole new level! Perfect for adding elegance to any event, from a lavish wedding to an evening dinner on your own patio. These lanterns can withstand outdoor conditions- stands up great to wind and rain. A collection of these strung up on a warm spring night could be a alternative to simple candles or lighting, adding colorful mood lighting in a lavish new way. These are inspired by Moroccan decor details and henna patterns to spice up your home or an event.


-Mason jar
-A small candle
-A paint brush
-Vitrail paint (Pebeo)
-Henna paint Cerne Relief (Pebeo vitrail)
-Metal wire

Watch how she makes one of these in the tutorial!

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