Bell Sleeved Tops Are The Hot Item Now And She Shows You How To Make Them!

Don’t you love how all the styles eventually roll back around again? This is a 70’s inspired top and I noticed a model in the Paris fashion show was wearing one of these!

The 90s may have been big these past few months but for the next ones, we see a new trend coming back and a blast from the past it is! This fall, instead of going back to the 90s, fashion is taking us back to the groovy 70s but don’t worry, it’s not going to be a total throwback. This season’s 70s looks are going to have a modern twist to them.

I especially love the bell sleeved tops. I ran across this tutorial and just had to make myself one! I noticed that one of these tops is on Etsy for $275! What? When I can make one for next to nothing? This is such a cool fashion statement and you’re gonna love wearing it!

This top looks amazing with skinny or flare jeans and boots or booties! Do you have a special top or outfit that just makes you feel good when you wear it? Well, that’s how I feel when I wear this top. It makes me feel fun and spunky! Although, I made mine a little longer than the one featured in the picture.

These look fabulous with skirts too! I’ve actually made a couple of these…that’s how much I love them.

Watch Annika Victoria’s step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one of these cool tops!



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