Bet You Can’t Guess What These Stunning Flowers Are Made From…

I was in Anthropologie, one day, and they had these giant  flowers on display. When I got closer to them I realized what they were made of and I was floored!

What a creative idea for making these lovely flowers. You’ll only need a few simple materials such as Q-tips and Styrofoam balls. They are really fun and easy to make. They look fabulous and will add a touch of springtime to your home. Instead of the green color, you can try other colors to bring a colorful look.

I flipped over these and found this tutorial on Pinterest. The next thing I was doing was making these…I couldn’t wait! This is a fun project to make with kids too. I’m sure their teachers would be interested in this project for something great to do with their students. Are these flowers not the coolest?

You can use the same technique to make a dandelion for gift wrapping to replace the bow!  Just cut the styrofoam ball in half and using the same technique and add a straw for the stem, along with a gift tag. What a fun way to make your packages a lot more personal and fun for the receiver!

Here’s what you will need:
Food Coloring
Styrofoam Balls
Watch how Homemade Ginger makes these in her step by step tutorial and get those Q-tips ready!



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