Brilliant 5 Minute Tricks For Saving Time (Watch!)

It’s unbelievable how many cool tips and tricks are in this video I’ve attached at the bottom of this post. I knew a few of them, but many of them I had never heard of doing before! I’m so glad I ran across these great ideas! They will definitely come in handy!

There are so many packed into this informative video that it would take me a while to mention all of them. Some of them, for example, reheating a piece of pizza and a glass of water in the microwave. This makes the pizza taste just like it did when it was first served to you! The water keeps the moisture in the pizza, not drying it out.

To mention a few more, but not all of them…several clever tips that can get you out of a pinch by using ordinary plastic bottles, a simple way to use a paint brush without dripping and a clever trick for putting your paint in and the convenience of a handle attached for easy painting, a clever way to drill into sheet rock without the powder from the sheet rock falling on the floor, how to make non-magnetic tools magnetic, clever WD-40 tips, a way to keep your car from going too far into the garage — allowing room to get to the door when you get out or running into your garage wall! There are many more amazing tricks that you’ll definitely want to know about!

Another one that came in handy for me was how to keep my blouse from gaping open at the buttons so I don’t offer a peep show!

Watch all these clever tips and trips by 5-Minute Crafts so you can have less stress and headaches!


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