Brilliant DIY Concrete Countertops Are Easier Than You Think!

Hate the look of your old, dated countertops? My house has tons of cultured marble surfaces and practically screamed 80’s until now. I’ve seen concrete countertops on Pinterest and in design magazines, but I ┬árecently┬ádiscovered how easy these were to do at home. Cheap, too! I can not say they require minimal effort, but not nearly as much as I anticipated, and you certainly to not need to be a carpenter or home improvement expert┬áto tackle this one yourself and get stellar results. I love the overlay technique which allows you not to have to deal with large amounts of poured concrete, too. The thought of that just frightened me to much to even try! However, you too will learn that is not necessary. Check out this awesome step by step Youtube video tutorial and learn how to make concrete countertops like a pro!

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