Brilliant Room Decor And Craft Ideas That Make Your Life Easier And Fun!

I think we all love unique and fun things in our home, especially if they serve some great purposes and are easy to make. That’s exactly what these tutorials are about. There’s a mix of useful items you can make and some great ideas for decorating your home!

The reason I used the piano key photo as the featured photo in this post is because I think this is such a clever and cute idea. I love the way they use these clothes pens for clips to conveniently hold items, but the fact that they painted it to look like a keyboard makes it fun and unique looking. I just love stuff like this!

They make some of the cutest items in this video. I especially love the mason jar flower holder that takes them all of about 5 minutes to make. All of these DIY projects are quick and easy and you could whip out all 23 in no time! Great projects for a rainy day!

I was blown away at how easy they made a shadow box. Have you priced them in the stores? They aren’t cheap, but the way they make one wouldn’t cost but about $5 or less to make…especially if you buy your large picture frame at the dollar store! This is why I love DIY projects so much!

Check out all of these fabulous ideas in DrNGO’s step by step tutorial. This tutorial is chalked full of brilliant creations that are useful!




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