Bring Some Charm To Your Decor With These Projects That Take Very Little Time And Money!

Save money with these cozy rustic home decor ideas! Not only are these DIY ideas easy on the wallet, they are also easy to make. You can complete most of these projects in less than a day.

I just love the clean simple look of the DIY projects she does in the attached tutorial. She gives you several things to chose from, so you can do one  or all of them! I’m all about penny-pinching, and I love the rustic farmhouse style.

If Joanna Gaines, with Fixer Upper, sees this, I hope she doesn’t get mad we can make these for like, $10 or less…compared to the hundreds of dollars I would have spent if I purchased these at her store…or anywhere else for that matter.

Hey, when the bandwagon is running, you better jump on board from time to time, right? So let’s hear it for Farmhouse! Now here’s the thing about Farmhouse: it’s all about making your house look like it just popped out of 1931.

Well, either way, we’re going for Farmhouse, and what better way to capture that vintage charm, than with these fabulous old farm looking projects?

Watch how The Mountain View Cottage Haley Estates does these 4 simple home decor farmhouse DIY’s to add farmhouse decor to your home in her step by step tutorial.


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