By Gluing And Painting Laser Cut Pieces On A Mirror, What He Makes Is A Forever Piece

I fell in love with this DIY project the minute I laid eyes on it! It has a magnificent Moroccan appeal and this style really appeals to me.

When I first saw these laser pieces I thought they would be expensive, so I looked online and saw that a laser cut frame ranges in price, depending on the size, but they start out under $2.00 at Hobby Lobby, plus, he bought a cheap framed mirror, so I was all in for making this fabulous piece!

This might look complicated, but it’s extremely easy and an inexpensive piece that certainly looks more expensive than it is! This is a timeless addition to add to your home and makes an interesting conversation piece.

It fits right in with my decor. I love bohemian and eclectic looking pieces like this, and, of course I painted mine turquoise (my favorite color)! It goes really well with all of my artwork and hand painted furniture. I have a lot of brightly colored pillows on my sofa and a lot of fun accessories. People love coming into my home…everyone says it’s warm and cozy…just the way I intended for it to be!

I’m really fond of the DIY projects that Mark Montano presents us with and I’ve attached his step by step tutorial at the end of this post for your viewing.



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