Can We Say Easy AND Stunning? Amazing Alice in Wonderland Chair!

Don’t you just LOVE bright colored hand painted furniture?  I’m super excited about this chair!  Being an Artist, I love bright colored and unique furniture ideas.  I’m always picking up old pieces of furniture from thrift stores and creating something awesome out of them!  I’ve had several requests for the Queen of Hearts chair I painted and I’ve been commissioned to paint them.  People always go crazy over this chair…I can’t wait until they see this Alice in Wonderland chair!  I usually paint my chairs, including the fabric on the chair.  In this tutorial, they paint this chair and use fabric to cover parts of the wood.  I really like this idea!  Less painting for me to do!

You can get started on a chair like this for a Christmas gift for someone who is extra special… of course, this is after you make one for yourself!  It will blow their mind!  I always have great intentions to have my Christmas gifts done by July.  At this date, it hasn’t happened yet, but, there’s still hope that it can!

What you will need is Americana multi-surface satin paint, ruler, 1 yard white cotton fabric, 1 yard floral fabric, Minwax Polycrylic, staple gun, screwdriver, paintbrush, Krylon gold metallic paint pen,

With a pencil and ruler, draw a grid on your fabric, 3/4″ x 3/4″ squares is what he used.  He painted the seat fabric first, so it could dry while painting the chair.  He starts with Americana black satin multi-purpose and paints a checkerboard, then he removes the seat with his screwdriver, with his ruler he draws lines on the top of the chair, then he draws diamonds down the sides of the chair, then he paints black stripes with black paint, filling in the rest of the lines with white…same thing with the diamonds.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect….it’s a hand painted chair! Next, he paints the diamonds. He uses a bright blue for the center of the diamonds and white for the outside of the diamonds, he paints the middle back of the chair red, then he paints the top of the chair posts, above the diamonds a lime green and white and lime green diamonds at the tops of the legs, he goes back to the red back slats and paints white polka dots on the red. Next he paints polka dots where he painted lime green on the lower slats that connect to the legs, then he paints the rest of the slats lavender and paints white polka dots on those.  Now, I’m gonna let you watch the video…the tutorial explains it better than I can!

He goes through everything he does step by step so you can make your own great chair!

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