Cancel The Makeup Girl You Hired To Do Your Wedding Makeup And Save Some Money (WATCH)!

This is an awesome natural and glamorous wedding makeup tutorial that every girl who is getting married MUST watch! A lot of girls are hiring Makeup Technicians to do their makeup for the biggest event of their lives, but why spend the extra money when your wedding is already costing you a fortune when you’ve got this amazing tutorial is right at your fingertips…why not try it before your wedding and see how it works for you? After all, it is your biggest day and how do you know if you’ll like what the lady you hired does? I remember going to the prom and hiring a lady to do my hair…it was a NIGHTMARE! I remember feeling like I looked really stupid! I think we all have a story like that. You certainly can’t have that happening!

This makeup tutorial is not only for the bride to be, but we all have those special occasions when we want our makeup to look perfect or at least close to perfect! I was really taken by how excellent this video is and I think you’ll be impressed as well. I learned some really cool tips and will be trying this myself!

I love the soft look of the colors and shading she does. She offers up some tips for getting that flawless look, with the products she uses, for people who have skin that’s not quite so flawless…myself being one of those!

At first I got tickled about the Shadow Shields she puts under her eyes, but then I was glad I found out about them because I quickly remembered a time that I was putting on some black shadow in the crease of my eyelids. It had fallen under my eyes and was an awful mess! I had to redo my foundation and under eye highlighter. I was so aggravated!

Watch how Shaaanxo does this step by step tutorial…it’s impressive and informative!



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