Charming Rustic Wheelbarrow Garden Planter

Here, you will find out a creative way to adorn your beautiful garden with a new look by building your own rustic looking wheelbarrow with little effort and style added to it. They can be treated with wooden wheels, industrial steel or iron wheels for a different look. Then fill fertile soil in them and plant your favorite bunch of flowers or herbs for an eye catching planter to place in your garden area.

I’m so in love with my wheelbarrow garden planter!  It adds so much charm to a garden, yard or front porch! There’s something so special about the way this looks with flowers in it.  This is such a unique planter idea. It brings back fond memories of my childhood at my Grandmother’s in Kentucky.  She had so many cool planters with flowers in them.

Watch this step by step tutorial and you will learn how to make your wonderful wheelbarrow garden planter! Make sure to SHARE this with your friends and family!


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