Check Out These Adorable Conversation Valentine’s Heart Cookies She Makes!

I think we’ve all grown up with the sugary Valentine heart candy that has messages on them and Rosanna Pasino takes it a step further and makes these darling sugar cookie replicas of the long time Valentine’s conversation candy that most of us hated. They would still be popping up a year later because nobody ate them!

Well, these cookies are my solution.  All the cuteness of conversation hearts, but in the form of a delicious fun cookie! I’ve had these cookies in my head pretty much since last Valentine’s Day, after I saw some tutorials online, and have just been waiting and waiting to make them.  I’m so happy I’m finally gonna get the chance, because I know it will be a total blast making these.  Now I have to tell you, I started out making a list of some pretty generic phrases to write on my cookies, but as time went on, I got more and more creative and my husband started feeding me some more humorous suggestions. We got a good laugh out of some of our ideas…it was fun!

That’s the coolest thing about decorating these cookies…you can write any message you want! I can’t wait to take these to my get together, with my friends, on Valentine’s Day! I don’t think anyone is making anything like this.

Watch how Rosanna makes these in her step by step tutorial and start thinking up some clever messages for your cookies!

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