Check Out These Adorable Ribbon Bookmarks…So Unique!

I fell in love with these darling bookmarks and they’re so easy to make! They take very little in supplies and they make super awesome gifts!

These bookmarks are a fun and functional way to save your place in your favorite book. You can also use the bookmark to mark your spot in a school text book, a planner or even a calendar. To save your place simply lay the ribbon down on page your want to mark, close your book or planner and loop the elastic ring around the button. Now your place is saved and you can show off your personality and style.

These make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to read or who uses a planner, or organizer. Wonderful for students to mark a page in a text book. Perfect for teachers, busy Moms and avid readers. These bookmarks make great party favors and can be coordinated with almost any theme.

Not only are they an easy sew project that can be done with a sewing machine or by hand, but they are pretty cheap to make, too. Did I mention you can whip up a bunch of these in just minutes?

Watch how Guide Central English makes these in their step by step tutorial!

Photo Credit: Sparkles of Sunshine

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