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Chocolate Coconut Almond Balls Are Ridiculously Easy To Make — Great Last Minute Treat (Delicious!)

If you are anything like me and like coconut and chocolate, you will love this recipe! When I saw this tutorial my mouth started watering…I HAD to make them! If you’re looking for something different to serve during the holidays these are so easy to make and taste heavenly!

There are times that I wish I hadn’t seen this tutorial for these decadent truffles that Proper Tasty posted. I want to make these all the time! Ughh! I’m addicted…what can I say? You’re gonna have to make these to understand what I’m talking about!

These are not ordinary truffles, they were stuffed with coconut flakes and almonds, like almond joy bars. I know that Almond Joy bars might not be a traditional Christmas treat, and truffles aren’t really a Christmas traditional cookie, but these have become a family favorite.

If you’re feeling generous, you can bring them as a hostess gift but my guess is that with just one bite of these, the whole concept of sharing will go right out the window. I know because I have to tell on myself. I made up a batch of these to take to a party and I ended up alone with them in my house. Well, you know the story…I had to make another batch!  Welcome to the crazy world of chocolate almond coconut balls!

Watch how Property Tasty makes this absolutely decadent candy in their step by step tutorial…you’re gonna love them!




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