Clever Gal Takes A Plastic Goldfish And Watch What She Does With It. Amazing!

I bought one of these a while back because I was so fascinated with the way it looked. I was pretty excited to find this tutorial so I could make them! I think this is so clever and will certainly get a head turn when your friends see it! P.S. This tutorial got almost 4 M views…pretty popular!

These fish-in-a-bag glycerin soaps are sure to fool people–at least for a minute. And they’re easier than you think to make. We made up a batch to sell at our upcoming craft fairs!

I noticed on Etsy that someone is selling 10 of these for $45 and they’re so easy and cheap to make! This would be a great thing to add to an Etsy account and easily sell! They also make terrific party favors for a kids birthday party, so keep this in mind! Party favors for parties add up really fast! Kids are really fascinated by this gold fish in a bag idea! These would just be the icing on the cake.

All you need to make this is glycerin soap (which you can make if you’re really ambitious), a pot of water on a burner or a microwave and little toy fish.

Some people make tiny pendants with these and they’re adorable. Just use your imagination for what you want to use these for! You can make a whole fish tank of gold fish if you want to use a bigger bag! Heck, I even saw someone fill up a clear trash bag with these fish and glycerin soap! That’s a lot of soap! I think I’ll stick to the small soaps!

Watch how Michelle with Socraftastic makes these in her step by step tutorial!




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