Clever & Unique Plastic Bottle Bracelets! So Easy and Cute!

Are you looking for an accent piece for your wardrobe?  These bracelets that are made out of a plastic bottle are so easy and charming!  Kids will love this project!  My 7 yr. old granddaughter is making one of these and so excited about it!  It’s something super easy she can do, seeing quick results!  The sky’s the limit with these bracelets because you can also use beads, feathers, fabric, lace…whatever comes to mind!  One small idea can lead to all kinds of great things! This is how wonderful things are invented.  You can make one of these to go with all your outfits!  These also make great gifts and something for your children to make and sell to their friends!  Adults love these too!


plastic bottle




utility knife





Cut plastic bottle all the way around, taking care not to cut yourself.  Cut about 1″ around.  Measure how narrow you want it to be to fit around your wrist and tape the sides together.  Then use the sandpaper to sand any rough edges that were left on the bracelet.  Then fit your lace or fabric around the bracelet and cut.  Next, glue the lace to the plastic all around the plastic with a brush. Apply your lace of fabric on the top of the bracelet, putting a little more glue where the lace meets to make sure it’s secure.  Then let it dry.

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