Clever Woman Nails Yardsticks On A Piece Of Wood And Makes A Really Unique Item. Watch!

Don’t you just love the ¬†creative things that other people come up with to decorate their home? I never cease to be amazed and feel lucky to reap the benefits of these innovative ideas!

After seeing this clever DIY project I got busy making one of these. I already had a table out on my patio that I wanted to change up. I’d been contemplating doing mosaic on it, since the top of it was looking pretty bad, but then I ran across this brilliant idea and loved it so much, that’s what I did!

I already had a few vintage yardsticks, but needed a couple more, so I went to Home Depot and bought a few more. I put stain on some of the new ones, to give it a vintage look, to go along with the other yardsticks I already had.

Now, if you don’t have vintage yard sticks, you can always put some watered down paint on some of them to give them some color.

What makes this table so cool looking is that she cut the yardsticks into different sizes, to add a more interesting effect to the table.

Debi finishes off this table with Endurance Finish, for anything that gets a lot of wear, which my table definitely gets. I’m sure that you can use other finishes and they will achieve the same results.

Watch how Debi, with Debi’s Design Diary, transforms this ordinary table into something extraordinary. Her step by step tutorial is attached below.




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