Cool Mason Jar Hack Keeps Produce Fresh For A Week

I would have never dreamed that you could use mason jars in this way and it makes a lot of sense now that I’ve learned about it. I just thought, where food’s concerned, that Mason Jars were just for canning things like my Grandmas used to can when I was growing up.

This vacuum sealing method comes in handy for sending things to friends and family who live far away, or for loved ones in the military.  And it is so easy!

Carrie vacuum seals all types of veggies: lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes… I just figured that the lettuce would wilt! Little did I know! I found that I could make a weeks worth of Salad in a jar and they would keep with out browning of over a week.  I’ve always used them up before about 9 days, so I can’t tell you how long they will stay good.   While keeping the salad mix in it’s bag, clipped shut, the bag would start going brown with in a day or so.

Did you know that you can actually vacuum seal cakes in Mason Jars? I just think this is the coolest!

Watch how Carrie does this in her step by step tutorial so you can start vacuum sealing your food! It definitely lasts longer this way…

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