Coolest Pallet & Cable Reel Bench Ever! Gals Get Your Guys Ready to Saw!

Are you looking for something unique for your front porch?  Well look no further!  I’m in love with this bench!  It has such a wonderful shabby chic appearance!  As soon as I saw this video I just HAD to have one for my front porch, so I got my Dad involved with helping me make it.  Since he retired, he loves projects, so I take advantage of this every chance I get!  He liked the one we made for me so much that he had to make one for his patio, so I assisted him in making his and Mom’s!  This looks like something you would see at a farmhouse and that’s what made me so fond of it, even though my home isn’t a farm house, I have a lot of vintage and rustic things I keep around because they are pleasing to the eye.  I love collecting and reburbishing old things, transforming them back to fabulous pieces! I’m a sentimental kind of gal.

We went on the hunt for some pallets and some cable reels and my Dad knew exactly where to find them.  Dad’s are smart like that! You can find the cable reels and pallets on construction sites or you can call your power company to see if they’ll give you some, beer distributors have lots of them or look on Craigslist under Free Stuff.  I just saw a pallet laying by a dumpster the other day and wanted to stop and get it for future projects.  Anyway, my Dad had all the tools we needed and all I I had to buy was the paint.

The first thing we did was saw the pallets into.  Then we took apart one of the cable reels.  Well…just watch this step by step video and you’ll see how it’s done…he does it better than I can explain it!

I hope you enjoy your bench as much as we do ours!

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