Countdown To Christmas Day 10- Barbie Dreamhouse from @Mattel (Gifts for Kids)

It’s day 10 of my Countdown To Christmas. There are just 15 days left until Christmas day, that means that there are 14 shopping days left. Who do you still have on your list to buy for? Let us know! We’re here to help you find great gifts for everyone on your list. Read through our Countdown To Christmas posts, make your list, check it twice and head out to buy all of my fabulous gift ideas. All of the gifts on my lists are gifts that I would love to give (and receive) so you can feel confident that they are the best of the best.



Barbie Dream HouseIf you mention the words Barbie Dreamhouse to women my age, most of them get a wistful look in their eyes. “Ohhhhhh, I always wanted one of those” they sigh. Mention to them that your daughter will be getting one for Christmas and they let out a squeal of delight “What?!?!? You’re getting a Barbie Dreamhouse? Are you going to play with it when she goes to bed?”

Barbie is a brand that little girls have been playing with for over 50 years. Every girl has memories of playing with their Barbies whether they were taking Barbie for a spin in her convertible, acting out Barbie’s first date with Ken or sending Barbie to university to become a doctor.

Barbie Dreamhouses are one of the “it” toys this year.  Every time we visit the toy section of local department stores with Bean there is a circle of little girls around the Barbie Dreamhouse, staring dreamily at the box, imagining the hours of fun they could have with Barbie in her pink palace.

They have reason to stare dreamily. The newly redesigned three-level Barbie Dreamhouse features fully furnished rooms, fun lights and sounds throughout, a center elevator, a separate elevator just for fashions, and — at last! — the ultimate closet!

Watch this video for a complete tour of Barbie’s Dreamhouse:

The Barbie Dreamhouse makes a dream gift for any little girl or girl at heart.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 11 of my Great Gifts Countdown To Christmas.

Tell me… Did you have or dream about having a Barbie Dreamhouse as a kid? What is your favorite gift to buy little girls? Do you have a favorite gift idea from our Countdown to Christmas so far?  

*A big thank you to Mattel for sending Bean a Barbie Dreamhouse for Christmas. All thoughts and opinions on this blog are 100% my own. All of the gifts in my Countdown To Christmas were hand selected by me because they are gifts that I would love to give (or receive).  

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