Countdown To Christmas Day 14- Great Wines Under $20 from Had A Glass 2014 (Gifts for Foodies)

Wow! Time is flying! Just 10 days until Christmas Eve! How is your Christmas shopping going? We are back today with another gift idea for foodies. We hope that you’ve enjoyed all of our gift suggestions so far in our Countdown To Christmas.



Had a Glass 2014 cover

Gift Idea #1- Had a Glass 2014  Have you ever walked into the liquor store looking for a bottle of wine, had a budget that you wanted to stick to, and then got lost trying to figure out which of the bottles of wine that were under $20 were great wines and which were … not so great? Each year, author James Nevison helps wine shoppers pick the best wines under $20. Selections are diverse and include reds and whites, dessert wines and bone dry fortifieds, and of course sparkling. This book makes a great gift that friends can keep in their glove compartment and pull out every time they visit their local liquor store.

Arrowleaf bacchusGift Idea #2- Arrowleaf Bacchus Why not pick out a great wine, written about in Had A Glass 2014 to go along with the book. Arrowleaf Bacchus is made in British Columbia. The Bacchus Grape is the result of a double crossing: A cross of Silvaner and Reisling vines further crossed with Müller-Thurgau. Full of citrus and peach flavors this wine makes a great aperitif wine any time of the year.

Take a peek through Had A Glass 2014 for other great wine suggestions that will can be purchased for $20 or less.

Please check back tomorrow when we will share 4 luxury wine suggestions that are $20 or more.

Please make sure to check out all of our Great Gifts Countdown To Christmas ideas.

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