Countdown to Christmas Day 18- Conair Curl Secret from London Drugs (Gift for Her)

Christmas is just around the corner. Only 6 shopping days left! Who do you still have to buy for? We hope that you are finding our Countdown To Christmas helpful for finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Every gift included in our Countdown to Christmas was hand picked by us because they are either a gift that we would love to give or receive. Eeeek I can’t tell you how excited I am to share today’s gift idea with you. Ready? Drumroll please…



About a month ago I came across this video.

I shrieked for The Hubs. “Come here! You have to see this. It’s called the Conair Curl Secret. I HAVE to have one!”

“Crystal,” he said “Some things are too good to be true. And that looks like it’s one of them. Do you think it’s really that easy to use and makes curls that nice?”

“Yes! I’m positive!” I exclaimed. “I repeat. I HAVE to have it.”

1 week later the Conair Curl Secret arrived at my door, courtesy of London Drugs. It was delivered right as I was walking out of the door to go to work. I knew that I couldn’t wait 10 hours to test it out so I threw it in my bag and brought it with me to work. At lunchtime a handful of my work girlfriends and I huddled in the women’s bathroom and tried it out.

I was amazed that the Conair Curl Secret was just as easy as it looked. My hair is naturally wavy, but my curl isn’t consistent. I’ve always dreamed of having big, bouncy curls and that’s exactly what the Conair Curl Secret has given me.

I decided to put the Conair Curl Secret to the test and see if I could go from everyday mom to Christmas Party ready in 15 minutes. Here is a photo of me in my everyday mom look.

Movember Day 17

And here is a photo of me, ready to walk out the door for my work Christmas party. I spent 5 minutes on makeup and 10 minutes on hair.

Glammed up

I have never received so many compliments on my hair as I have since I started using the Conair Curl Secret. Friends, co-workers and even strangers have stopped me to tell me how much they love my hair.

I feel a bit like a walking commercial when I smile at them and say “It’s the Conair Curl Secret.”

Bean is constantly telling me that she wants curly hair. I’ve tried curling it with a curling iron before but the curl never seems to last. With the Conair Curl Secret it’s easy to create fabulous curls for kids in just minutes.

Here is a video that The Hubs took of me curling Bean’s hair so you can see just how easy it is.

And here is what the curls look like.

Bean goes curly with the conair curl secretThe curls from the Conair Curl Secret last too. Here is me at the end of a long work day. This is 12+ hours after I spent 5 minutes curling my hair with the Curl Secret that morning. I didn’t use any hair product.

Conair Curl Secret Hair after a long day

Are you ready to go curly and glam with the Conair Curl Secret? My friends at London Drugs gave me a few tips to share on how to go from mom to glam in just a few easy steps. Thanks to Cindy and Kate for these tips.

1. Invest in good quality moisturizing serum, eye cream and primer.

2. Take care of your skin with a daily skin care routine. If you take care of your skin, you can use any brand of makeup and you will still look great. If you don’t take care of your skin it doesn’t matter how much you spend on makeup, it just won’t look good.

3. Start your skincare routine when you are young.

4. Invest in a good makeup brush to put on your foundation. Put on your foundation first and then add concealer and blend with the brush that you used for foundation.

5. When creating a glam Christmas party look find one or two products that will make you sparkle. Their suggestions: Lise Watier Shadow and Glitter Eye Duo, Lise Watier Eye Glitter Liner, Lise Watier Illuminating Powder.

6. Make your eyes pop with lashes that are so full and lush you’d think you were wearing a set of lashes.  Lise Watier 3D Volume Mascara will do just that.

7. Find your signature lip color. A makeup consultant at London Drugs would be happy to help.

8. Finish with a perfume that makes you feel sexy.

Conair Curl Secret 2 The Conair Curl Secret is available at London Drugs. I hope you enjoyed today’s edition of the Sew Creative Countdown to Christmas.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 19 of my Great Gifts Countdown To Christmas.

Tell me… Are you a curly girl or a straight haired girl? Do you wish that you had the opposite of what you have? Do you love playing with the latest hair gadgets? What is your best tip for helping a mom get glam?

*A big thank you to London Drugs for sending me the Conair Curl Secret to test out. All thoughts and opinions on this blog are 100% my own. I approached London Drugs to take part in my Holiday Gift Guide because the Conair Curl Secret is a gift that I would love to give (and receive).

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