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Countdown To Christmas Day 7- @BrenthavenNews Laptop Bags (Gift Ideas for Him and Her)

It’s day 7 of my Countdown To Christmas. There are just 18 days left until Christmas day, that means that there are 17 shopping days left. Have you figured out the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list? Do you have someone particularly hard to buy for? Let us know! We’re here to help you find great gifts for everyone on your list. Read through our Countdown To Christmas posts, make your list, check it twice and head out to buy all of my fabulous gift ideas. All of the gifts on my lists are gifts that I would love to give (and receive) so you can feel confident that they are the best of the best.



My love for Brenthaven started at a young age. I was 11 years old and just about to start school at Fairhaven Middle School in Bellingham, Washington. My mom took my sister and I to this great little store in Fairhaven that sold locally made backpacks. The company was named Brentley. My sister picked out a royal purple Brentley Softpack and I picked out an emerald green one. I still have that back pack. That’s how good the quality of Brentley/Brenthaven bags are.

1n 1994 I was a freshman in highschool, had my first job as a hostess at a local restaurant, and Brentley was renamed Brenthaven. My dad asked for a Brenthaven backpack for Christmas that year. I saved up my tips and that year I bought him his Brenthaven backpack. I’m pretty sure he still has that backpack too. Over the years I added more Brenthaven products to my collection. All of them have been the highest quality and have lasted forever. My Brenthaven backpack I bought in highschool still looks brand new over 15 years later.

Brenthaven Collins Sleeve PlusGift Idea #1- Collins Sleeve Plus This is the bag that made me rediscover my love for Brenthaven. Over the summer we bought a MacBook Air. A month later I was headed to Toronto with Rainbow Rowell and I desperately needed a laptop bag. I headed into the Apple Store and fell head over heels in love with this bag. Then I realized it was a Brenthaven bag and a slew of memories came flooding back. The construction of this bag is fabulous. Like my past Brenthaven bags I know that it will never fall apart. It’s slim, fashionable (for a man or a woman), has great padded compartments to keep your laptop safe and and pockets to keep all of your belongings organized. The Collins Sleeve Plus comes in two colors– charcoal (as pictured) and indigo chambray. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on this bag from both men and women. The price of the bag is also shockingly low for the quality. It would make a great gift for a man or a woman.
Brenthaven Collins Tote
Gift Idea #2- Brenthaven Collins Messenger Tote I’ve become one of those people that doesn’t leave home without their laptop. If I have a spare 5 minutes I pull out my laptop, create a hotspot with my iPhone and I take advantage of the time to write. The only problem is that I also carry a lot of stuff around with me. I usually have my Timolino filled with DAVIDsTEA, a baggie with lipstick and lip balm, my wallet and other miscellaneous junk very useful items. I was able to fit quite a bit of the items that I usually put in my purse into my Collins Sleeve Plus, but it was making it kind of lumpy since it was overstuffed. I was exploring the Brenthaven website a month ago and saw they were releasing their new Collins Tote just in time for Christmas. The nice folks at Brenthaven sent me one and it is the perfect bag for a woman who wants to carry her laptop along with all of the other items that she would usually carry in her purse. It’s available in camel chambray (as pictured) and indigo chambray.

Brenthaven Vertical Sleeve PlusGift Idea #3- Collins Vertical Messenger This bag is very similar in design to the Collins Sleeve Plus, but it’s vertical giving it a look that makes people take notice. A great bag for busy people on the go. Available in camel chambray, charcoal and indigo chambray (as shown).

I hope you enjoyed today’s gift ideas for him and her. Please visit Brenthaven’s website for more laptop, tablet, iphone and camera cases.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 8 of my Great Gifts Countdown To Christmas.

Tell me… Do you have a laptop? Do you take it everywhere with you or only take it out of the house on occasion? How is your Christmas shopping going? Have you gotten some good gift ideas?

*A big thank you to Brenthaven for sending me the Collins tote to test out. All thoughts and opinions on this blog are 100% my own. I approached Brenthaven to take part in my Holiday Gift Guide because I grew up with their bags and believe in their quality. They are also gifts that I would love to give (and receive).

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