Thursday, December 7

Cozy, Soft & Plush Pom Pom Rug is so Easy to Make!

Talk about soft to your feet!  This rug is so plush and simply fabulous!  I made mine in a solid color turquoise to match my bathroom decor and I made it larger.  You can make this rug in any color you want!  My daughter made an orange, turquoise, red, yellow and green one for her bathroom.  It looks so cute with the rest of her matching decor!

Pom pom’s are so easy to make and all you do is pull them through a rug gripper!  I love this craft project!  Kids love to make pom pom’s, so get them involved in making this craft for one of their summertime projects!  Be sure to bookmark this along with the other projects you’ve bookmarked for them to do to keep from getting bored this summer.

Watch this easy step by step tutorial and get busy making this stunning rug!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends and family too!

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