Crafty DIY Mirror For Creative Home Decor (Makes a Great Gift!)

Want something fun, inexpensive and super creative to make this weekend? How ahout some crafty DIY Christmas gifts? This little homemade project is especially good if you have lots of pictures laying around begging for frames, like I do, or a ton of pics on your computer you don’t bother to print, since you have no frames. One of those amazing, have to see it to believe it glue gun crafts that someone more brilliant than me thought of, this hot glue textured frame is really lovely. Once you are finished, no one may ever believe it is handmade. This is also an awesome project to try out your DIY skills with chalk paint, as the glue gives an excellent textured finish which works superbly for this type of craft. Follow the simple step by step instructions in this crafty Youtube video to learn how to make this fun home decor idea.


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