Thursday, December 7

Crafty Woman Puts Pie Crust In A Mason Jar But What She Adds Next Creates This Yummy Treat (Watch!)

This little trick is fun and everybody will love it! They say that it’s the presentation that is a big part of serving food and this will surely make your guests excited to delve into! It’s a mouthwatering treat that will have them talking!

One of my favorite flavors are apples and cinnamon and apple pie is the all American dessert, right? Apparently you can actually freeze these puppies. Again, who knew? I think it’s such a cute idea. I think next spring I am going to plan ahead for our blazing hot summers and make a bazillion of these before it gets hot. Then I can just pop one out every time I need a snack. Who wouldn’t want to be able to snack on pie on a moments notice? I know I am all for pie snacking on the fly!

I don’t know about you, but I always want something sweet to eat in the evenings. These are great to heat up and top off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Doesn’t this just make you drool?

Now I know what I’m making to take to people’s homes when asked to bring a dessert and these will certainly be on the table when the holidays roll around! If apples aren’t your favorite, you can always use peaches or another fruit.

Watch how Michelle Woods, with makes these luscious little desserts in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy chopping those apples!

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