Saturday, December 2

Crayon Drip Art Is Cool, But What Happens When You Add A Mason Jar To The Mix Is Unbelievable!

Everywhere you turn on Pinterest it seems that people are doing crayon drip projects.  If y’all don’t know already, I love mason jars.  From canning to crafts to decor, I love everything about mason jars. So many things to do with them…it seems like mason jar projects are limitless!

So I ran across this cool tutorial for a crayon drip mason jar project.  I experimented with a few techniques and finally came up with one that turned out the way I wanted it.  Break out your  mason jar and crayons and get started.

I’d seen this project done on canvas and they glued the crayons across the top of the canvas and went to town with their blow dryer. It’s basically the exact same concept with the mason jar, except you can put things in these jars, so not only have a pretty jar, but a great looking container!

You can do this in one color, two colors or all the color of the rainbow…it’s simply a matter of choice. I did one that was pink and gold and it turned out really pretty. It goes with the colors in my bathroom, so that’s where it now lives, with my makeup brushes.

Watch how SGN diys does this in her step by step tutorial and grab those crayons!


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