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Create Something Brilliant Out of Pencil Shavings! Never Would Have Thought Of It!

Did you ever think that you could make something beautiful out of regular old pencil shavings?  Well, watch and see what they do…you’ll be floored!  This is a great craft project to add to your list of things for your kids to do over the summer!  They will be as surprised as I was when I saw this.  This would be a clever gift idea for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day present.  Teachers, this is also a great project for a your art classes!  If you have a Brownie or Girl Scout troop and are looking for something fun to do, then show them this amazing art technique.

I’m an Artist and when I saw this it gave me an idea to use these pencil shavings on my mixed media art!  I’m always looking for different things to use and this makes my art look very interesting!  I’m so glad to have run across this clever idea.  There are some real geniuses out there.

In the video this person sharpens their pencil and uses the pencil shavings to make them into flower shapes on the paper and then glues them into place.  Then they paint green stems an leaves.  Next they draw the shape of a flower pot and cut a design, out of a wedding card, into small squares and glue those onto the drawing of the pot.  Then they paint black in between the spaces they left open.  Quick and easy for such a beautiful picture!

Check out this step by step tutorial and see how it’s done….

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