Creating Creative Surprises with Kinder Canada

Kinder Surprise Facts:

Fact: Kids love surprises

Fact: Kids love Disney Princesses and Marvel Superheroes

Fact: Adults love surprises, Disney Princesses and Marvel Superheroes too!!!

Fact: Creative play is good for children’s brains.

I was recently asked to become a Kinder Surprise Brand Ambassador. I pretty much freaked out when I got the news. Kinder Surprises are little eggs full of happiness! What’s not to be excited about? I knew that my kids, Bean in particular, would be over the moon about my new friendship with Kinder Surprise. What I wasn’t prepared for is how excited all of the adults in my life would be.

The reaction when I told friends I was going to be a Kinder Mom Brand Ambassador was pretty much universal. Mouths dropped, eyes got big and words like “What?!?!? That is huge! I love Kinder Surprises!” More often than not that would be followed up with the story of their favorite toy that they ever received inside of a Kinder Surprise and how fabulous the toy was.

In case you’ve been living under a rock 😉 a Kinder Surprise is a hollow milk chocolate egg that has a yellow capsule inside that houses tiny plastic pieces that the recipient can assemble into a toy. They are intended for ages 3+ but Turtle loves to enjoy the chocolate while The Hubs steals his toy.

Disney Princess and Marvel Superhero Kinder Surprises

Right now Kinder has a line of limited edition Marvel Superhero and Disney Princess eggs. 2 in 3 of these eggs has a Marvel Superhero or Disney Princess toy. The other 1 in 3 egg has a classic Kinder toy inside.

Kinder was kind enough to send me 24 Disney Princess Kinder Surprises and 24 Marvel Superhero Disney Princess Kinder Surprises. That’s an awful lot of happiness to be spread around. So what have I done so far with my 48 eggs?

  • Surprised The Hubs with a special treat in his lunch box
  • Rewarded Bean for a wonderful week in kindergarten or an especially great taekwondo class.
  • Created Halloween gift boxes for my favorite neighborhood kids.
  • Decorated birthday present packaging with extra special surprises.
  • Gave one to Bean while her brother napped because I knew the imaginative play with the toy inside would keep her occupied for awhile while I got things done.
  • Surprised co-workers with a hand written note and a Kinder Surprise on their desk.

Kinder Surprise with Notes for Coworkers

Kinder loves creative play as much as Sew Creative does! For a ton of fun Creative Play Ideas visit Kinder’s Creative Games Page.

For more information about Kinder Surprises visit them on Facebook.

Tell me: Have you ever had a Kinder Surprise? What are some of your favorite ways to surprise family and friends? What is your favorite Disney Princess or Marvel Superhero?

“Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”

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