Creative Woman Does A Thrifty And Creative DIY Instead Of Spending A Fortune On A Real One!

I kept seeing them in home decor spaces that I loved, and my love for these grew. Now, I simply couldn’t wait to have one for our sitting room that I’m working on! There’s just something cool about throwing in a modern & unexpected element into a room. It’s so much fun!

These days I’ve got to be super thrifty and creative to get the looks for my decor that I’m dreaming about, which is my reality right now. As much as I would have loved to run to the store and buy a real cowhide rug, our self-employed income doesn’t justify that right now. When I saw some realistic looking cow fabric online I had an idea to make a fake cowhide rug just for kicks and see how it turned out.

I did just that, and I totally love the result! This fabric is fantastic, and the rug looks really cute.  Some of the expert tips I’ve read, say that an area rug makes a room look bigger. I don’t know if that’s the case, but it certainly can add more interest to a room…especially if it’s a cow hide (faux) rug!

Let me share with you this great step by step tutorial by Ann Le, with AnnOrShine, and how she makes a faux cowhide rug for her home decor for less than $50 and under an hour!

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