Saturday, December 2

Cut Two Circles From Fabric To Make This Item We All Need In The Kitchen

Since the weather is starting to warm up, picnic season is quickly approaching! Which always presents a dilemma with being out doors and food is involved. With those fun summer barbecues, cook-outs, and outdoor meals also comes the need to bring a dish to share, and pests that are hovering around and want to partake in the food!

So today I’m sharing how to make your own cute washable and reusable bowl covers that are just perfect for bringing dishes to friends homes and keeping those nasty pests out of your delicious food!

I saw these adorable bowl covers while looking on Pinterest.  I definitely had to make some for myself! I changed up the ones I made, a little from what Shabby Fabrics use, and bought a vinyl fabric.  I wanted a way to make them easy to clean with just a simple wipe-down, but still with the cuteness and ability to re-use. Although, I do need to give them a thorough washing from time to time.

When visiting with friends and family it gives me a lot of relief to use these.  Now I don’t have to be worried about flies and other pests on the food the whole time and can relax. These cute bowl covers save the day!

Watch how Shabby Fabrics makes these in her step by step tutorial and make some for your peace of mind!

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