Cutest DIY Cactus Pin Cushions Ever!

I’m so smitten over these cactus pin cushions!  My Mom’s birthday is coming up, so I have to make her one of these pin cushions.  She’s a big seamstress and will absolutely go bonkers over this!  I can think of a number of people I’m gonna be making these for.  My family lives in Texas and one of the things you see associated with Texas are cactus.  I’m so excited about this craft project and how many people I can give these to as gifts!  Of course I had to make myself one right off the bat.  It adds such a cute touch to my sewing room!

My little granddaughter has started showing an interest in sewing, so I think she and I will make one of these together.  She loves sewing projects and will love this because it’s so colorful!

In this tutorial all she uses is felt, thread, scissors, small clay pot, smooth stones, batting and a hot glue gun.  Watch the step by step instructions so you can start making your darling little gifts!

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