Delicious 4th Of July Dream Cake That Cools You Off & Is A Hit At The Celebration!

Are you looking for a fabulous 4th of July treat that will make everybody salivate?  Well, then you’ve landed in the right place.  I can’t say enough about how scrumptious and refreshing this cake is!  I’ve made this cake every year for years and it’s always a BIG hit!  The whipped cream icing and fruit with the mixture of cake is simply divine!  And, of course, it has to be kept cold before serving, so on a hot day everybody is ready to cool off by partaking in this yummy dessert!  They come back every year just for this cake!  I add fruit to the middle layer and also use bananas and strawberries in mine, but any fruit will work!

We always have a big celebration in my neighborhood by having a parade and it gets bigger and better every year. Our friends in the neighborhood always look forward to the “flag cake”!  Make this and take it to your celebration.  I promise you, they’ll be begging you to bring it every year!  You can’t fail when you make this one!

Watch how she makes it in this step by step tutorial so you can enjoy this the way my family and friends have!


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