Thursday, November 30

Did You Know There Are 10 Houseplants That Actually Purify The Air?

As I sit here this evening writing about how certain plants can purify the air, I’m looking at four, that are on this list, sitting in my living room. I had to bring them in before the freeze we’re currently having. I’m thinking that at least they’re earning their keep since I have so many plants sitting here taking up space!

Spider plants are easy to grow and maintain and they’re one of the best purifying plants. It gets to work quickly and removes up to 90% of toxins in two days time.

English Ivy is the most effective at filtering out formaldehyde and benzene. English Ivy works wonderfully for both your home or office. It is ideal for those who have pets, as it removes airborne allergens.

Boston fern, a classic beauty both adds to both the look and health of your home. They are a natural humidifier and is an excellent plant if one suffers from dry skin. It also helps maintain air moisture level in the dry winter season. It absorbs the commonly found toxin formaldehyde, a chemical related to neurological diseases.

The Peace Lily lives up to it’s name because it has been proven to absorb the highest number of toxins than any other plant.

To learn about six other plants that will purify your home watch this informative video that is attached at the bottom of this post.





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