Displaying Photos Can Take Up A Lot Of Space So She Makes This Cleverly Cool Item!

This picture display isn’t just trendy but also budget friendly. It’s also super easy to make.

At first I wanted to create a gallery wall on a big open wall we have in the room, but after hanging the gallery wall I absolutely hated it so I took all of the frames back down.

Then I ran across this cool hanging picture display and thought I could do something like that, and I love the little twist where she creates the clay art designs at the bottom, along with the black yarn tassels.

I liked this type of art display because there isn’t a commitment on the photos you use! You can switch them out as often as you want and display art, instagrams, children’s artwork, the possibilities are endless!

The last time I saw something similar to this was when I was a child and my Grandmother hung her Christmas cards like this…without the cool looking clay pieces, of course, but that’s what it reminded me of at first.

This is a great statement hanging on a wall. Eyes will be drawn to it right away since it’s so extraordinary. This was a great solution for my overload of photos in frames sitting everywhere in my home, yet those are still there, I just have a different solution for any new photos I get!

Watch how Lily Ardor makes this cool photo wall hanging in her step by step tutorial so you can start making one for your home!


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