DIY $40 Farmhouse Porch Swing

Love farmhouse decor in any and every room in the house? I love having the rustic look in my home, too, but especially on the front porch. For an inviting space to welcome friends and neighbors that doubles as a spot where you can go outdoors to relax, the rustic farmhouse look sure seems like the way to go for me. However, when I went shopping for porch decor, I was a bit taken aback at the high price tags on things that seemingly should have cost much less. Swings were $200 and up, so I went on the hunt for something suitable that I could make, instead.

Last month, I found this farmhouse style swing that can be made for under $40 and it even comes with free plans for building this DIY porch swing. Truth be told, I’d never built much beyond a cinder block bookcase, so I was a little anxious about trying to make this swing. However, since the video made it look doable and I could download everything I need to have cut at the hardware store, I decided to jump in. You can either make all of these cuts yourself or pay a few dollars to have them cut for you. I chose the latter. Either way, you end up with the wood pieces you need and can simply follow this straightforward step by step tutorial that shows you exactly how to assemble this swing. Watch the video and learn how to make one for yourself. We are going to start on our second one this weekend!

DIY $40 Farmhouse Porch Swing


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