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DIY and Craft Mason Jar Projects and Tutorials

I have a thing for mason jars. I love them. So I decided to hit Pinterest (you can follow me here) and create a list of some of my favorite DIY and craft mason jar projects.

I recently bought Ball Blue Glass Heritage Collection Mason Jars and I adore them. You may have spotted them in my Passing Time, Dahlias, Blue Glass and Growing Gardens post (picture above) and in my Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade post (picture below).

When Sisser and I have been discussing her future wedding lately I keep suggesting having simple centerpieces in blue glass.

I love these beautiful peony arrangements from 20 Something and the City. Vintage blue glass jars seem to sell for $15 plus each. And the Ball Heritage Blue Glass Jars only come in pint size. I’m thinking we will need bigger blue glass jars…so…

I have on my “To Do List” this tutorial from Little GPS on how to turn clear mason jars into blue glass mason jars.  I’ll make sure to let you know how it goes once I give it a try.

Another mason jar project that I adore are these colorfully painted and distressed mason jars from It All Started With Paint. Not only does she teach you how to make them, she also sells them in her Etsy store for $24 for a set of 4. Check it out!

Moving away from painted mason jars… the possibilities with mason jars are endless. You can make Citronella Oil Lamps like the ones in this tutorial from Pin Delight. They are perfect for keeping the bugs away.

You can make mason jar drinking cups using this handy tutorial on how to make leak proof lids that you can stick a straw through from Snap Guide.

And for grown up occasions you can pre-make cocktails and store them in mason jars like these ones from Design Happens.


You can make delicious meals in mason jars. She Knows has this delicious mason jar cobb salad along with 14 other mason jar meals.

With this tutorial from Camille Styles you can make a Mason Jar Herb Garden!

You can follow my tutorial and make Mod Podge Fabric Scrap Spice Jars.

You can make a mason jar soap dispenser like this one on Simply A Southern Bell.

You can make a rustic mason jar lamp fixture like this one on Twenty 8 Divine.

You can use them to organize your craft supplies, like with this super cute mason jar baker’s twine holder from Acasarella.

You can even bring a bit more magic into a child’s life with this Fairies In A Jar tutorial.

And of course you can always preserve food in mason jars. Preparedness Pantry has some great canning tips and tricks.

As you can see, I love mason jar projects. I’m sure this won’t be my last post on DIY and Craft Mason Jar Projects.

Tell me… Have you made any DIY projects with mason jars? Do you can and preserve food?

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