DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

DIY mason jar fairy lights are surprisingly easy to make for the entertainment value they offer. Unlike many DIYs that have long lists of supplies you may or may not find readily available, this one just uses glow in the dark paint, glitter and pretty much any clean jar you can find. I do recommend you get a few different colors of glow in the dark paint to maximize the fairy cool factor, but any craft store and even Walmart will little jars or tubes of this type of paint. A fun and creative craft that can be enjoyed even if you do not do a “perfect” job painting it, this one is inexpensive enough that you can afford to throw it away or at least give it away when you get tired of it.


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This cool glow in the dark craft is a neat project idea for kids and teens, but I have to admit that adults find glow in the dark fairies to be mesmerizing as well…. These fairy glow jars are much fun for after dark outdoors ideas, but they also make great DIY home decor for kids rooms or dorm decor (meaning they are great crafts for teens to make, too). I do so love this DIY project because it gives my kids an activity to do during daylight hours, and then something to play with and entertain them once the sun goes down and I have exhausted my entertainment ideas as well as patience for the day.  If you are planning an outdoor cookout with your adult friends and your kids will be in tow, this project is a super one for the children to go off and play with after dinner. Check out the tutorial video for an easy to follow step by step instructions and be sure to save this one to your list of favorite mason jar crafts.

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