DIY Mason Jars Crafts Makes For Some Great Inexpensive Gifts Your Friends Will Love!

It’s really amazing what you can do with Mason jars for the holiday season. There are so many fabulous decorating ideas and just as many great ideas for what you can put inside of them to give as Christmas presents!

Mason jars make the best container to put special gifts in. If you’re giving someone a gift card, this is a great way to make it more special when receiving!

Decorated Mason jars are something that people will keep for years to come, and every time they see it they will think of YOU!

People put pedicure and manicure items with a special color nail polish in these, candy, gift cards, sewing notions, jewelry and the list goes on for what you can put in these for gifts. It’s a lot better than getting these things in a gift bag or box!

Another great idea are decorating Mason jars for your friend’s pets and filling them up with their favorite treats! I’ve found that if you remember somebody’s pet, they will love you forever!

I don’t know about you, but I make my special fudge for certain people this time of the year and I’m always buying tins to put it in. It occurred to me to decorate a Mason jar and put the fudge in them this year. It’s fun to change things up from time to time!

Watch how this gal with The Crafty Lane decorates these Mason jars in her step by step tutorial.






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