DIY Shadowbox Table is BRILLIANT!

This is such a cool idea for making a shadowbox table!  There may be a lot of old furniture taking up our space somewhere in your home. They are lying around in your basement, at the corner of your garage, in your backyard or inside the house. They are old, out of date and are not functioning well. If you’re the kind of people who has difficulty in throwing away old stuff, you’ll find that there is not enough storage for them. Good news is instead of just throwing them away or keeping them in your house and taking up your storage space, you can reuse them in beautiful crafts and convert them into some creative things.  This is definitely one way to do just that!

I made a shadowbox table and have all kinds of wonderful keepsakes on display in mine. I also happened to have a round piece of glass that was exactly the size I needed, but I know that you can have Home Depot cut a piece of glass the size you need.

Watch this step by step tutorial to find out how to make this table!  Also, make sure you SHARE this with your friends and family!


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