DIY Unusual And Extremely Detailed Birdhouse Is Easy To Make!

Tori Spelling makes these bird houses and I think they are simple adorable and so detailed!  She’s a big crafter…you wouldn’t think it, but she is into all kinds of fun things!

The mirrors she uses is such a simple and easy way to give your birdhouse some sparkle and bling for the little birds in your back yard!  The way she wraps the twine around the mirrors gives the birdhouse a cool and funky texture.  What bird wouldn’t want to live in this birdhouse?

I collect bird houses and have had several nests in them.  It’s so much fun to watch them feed their babies and teach them howto fly!  Start your bird house collection so that you can experience the beautiful aspects of nature!  Life is stressful and this is one of the things that brings a smile to my face and some peace.

Watch Tori’s step by step tutorial so you can make this bird house!

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