DIY Vintage Iron Wedding Invitation Template

Looking for the perfect DIY wedding invitation ideas for a rustic wedding? If you are looking for an inexpensive handmade invitation that has vintage charm without breaking the bank, this DIY tutorial is definitely one to check out. How about quick DIY wedding invitation ideas? I have to admit I did not think quick as a good idea for wedding invitations, but this particular project has proven that belief to be wrong. Turns out your DIY wedding invitations need not to be a time consuming task that takes you months to complete. You can learn how to make wedding invitations in no time at all with this super creative and easy to follow tutorial.

The secret to the beauty of this invitation is the faux vintage iron look, which is easily accomplished with spray paint! Make your own homemade vintage iron wedding invites with this simple idea. All you need is are printed copies of your wedding invitation text, some square doilies, spray paint, and some ribbon to finish off your lovely do it yourself creations. You can either seal your invites with a custom design as shown here or use a silver or gold foil seal. The effect is quite impressive – your wedding guests are certain to admire your creativity as well as the beauty of your keepsake DIY wedding invitations.

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