Do You Have An Old Lampshade Like This? You Won’t Believe What You Can Do To It (Watch!)

It’s phenomenal how you can transform old stuff that has seen it better days…this is a perfect example. I’m so thankful for all of the awesome DIY projects available to us these days. It’s unbelievable what I have been able to do with the things I thought were ready to go in the trash.

Sisal is a simple and natural material that can be used in countless situations. Strong, durable and resistant, they are perfect to outside areas as gardens, backyards, balconies and porches. However, they can also give a nice look to indoor rooms since they match easily to any kind of decoration and style. This sisal covered lampshade will certainly give a new look to your room!

You can renew your old lamp with a touch of sisal on it. Chose which part of your lamp you will cover (you can do it with the bottom part or the upper one) by gluing the sisal around the base or the lamp shade.

Some people cover styrofoam balls and even used light bulbs with sisal. The covered light bulbs give the appearance of pears and they look great in a nice big decorative bowl on your coffee table. So many great ideas and so inexpensive!

Watch how this gal with HGTV revamps this old lampshade in her step by step tutorial.


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