Doctor Who Painters Tape Tardis Front Door Decor

Bean’s birthday was 2 weeks ago. I think she made The Hubs life complete when she told us that she wanted to have a Doctor Who themed birthday party. The Hubs quickly set to work coming up with fabulous Doctor Who party ideas including a Doctor Who Tardis Painter’s Tape Front Door.

His original intention was to create the Tardis on one of the walls inside our house. I begged him to do it on the front door. “It will be just like a real Tardis!” I said “It will look like you are walking into a police box but it will really open into our entire house!” hee hee. Yes I know it’s silly… but I do love a good front door decoration. It really makes for a great first impression.

I don’t think that most of the guests had any idea who Doctor Who is, but Bean and The Hubs loved it and that’s all that matters.

All you need to make a Doctor Who Painters Tape Tardis Front Door Decoration of your own is blue painters tape, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, patience and the fabulous You Tube video (below) that The Hubs found, studied and watched throughout the process of making our Doctor Who Painters Tape Tardis.

The Hubs also made sonic screwdrivers with the kids… but that’s a story for another day.

Tell me… Do your kids (or you) love having themed birthday parties? What have been some of your favorite themes? Do you know who Doctor Who is?

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