Don’t Buy A Fountain For Your Yard: You’ll Love Making This One Instead

I think one of the cutest things someone can have in their front yard is a water fountain. There’s something so quaint and adorable about them. Unfortunately, they can be super expensive, and I’ve seen fountains that cost over $1,000!

Instead of spending that much on a fountain, why not make your own? YouTuber Belinda Soto decided to do just that, and the result is super cute.

She starts out with a $25 fountain kit. This sunflower-shaped kit is designed to attach to any flower pot to turn it into a fountain. You can easily follow the directions of this kit, but you can take it a step further with Belinda’s additions.

With a vase, a planter, a galvanized tub, a plate, some stones, and glue, you can turn a tiny ready-made fountain into a much larger piece. Most of these additions she bought at the dollar store. The best part? It’s actually pretty easy to make!

Watch the tutorial below, and let us know any twists you add to yours! We’d love to see them!

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