Thursday, November 30

Don’t Throw Away Those T-shirts, But Instead, Redesign Them With These Brilliant Ideas!

There are a few of these great looking projects to choose from so you can change up your summer wardrobe and add some pizazz to it…not to mention that it’s a great way to stay cooler in the heat! I know that teenagers are gonna love this, but I’m an adult and made some of these for myself! I love them and they are so simple to make! So, don’t throw or give away the T-shirts in your closet. Here you can find some easy and crafty ideas to redesign them!

Don’t you love all of the great things people are doing to restyle their t-shirts? There are all kinds of ideas on Pinterest, so this tutorial is just a drop in the bucket to all the ideas!

My favorite t-shirt in this tutorial is the one with the contrasting bows in the back, The one that she braided is pretty cool too! When you braid it, it makes the shirt a little more fitted, by taking up the excess material. So if you want it tighter around the chest area this it what you do. I also thought it was really clever what she does with the daisy trim on the back of the shirt that has daisies on it. Then you’ve got your simple t-shirt where she ties up the front to wear with a cool airy skirt!

There’s not much sewing involved with these projects, in fact she uses hot glue to place the bows on the back of the shirt that she cut the back out of. She hand sews the bows. I stitched mine up on the machine, but it’s a great project to do if you don’t own a sewing machine!

Watch these step by step tutorials and get busy redesigning your t-shirts!



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